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I’d had this book for a couple of years, when Andrew Motion (ex-poet laureate) came to my university for a workshop, talk and book signing.

I attended the workshop – it was a small group of students and lecturers, in which Andrew Motion discussed his writing and answered questions. The talk was in the evening and was open to the public. He read some of his poetry and talked about other things, including giving up the laureateship (which was affecting his work) and appearing on ‘Jamie’s Dream School’.

After the talk was the signing. I queued up and handed him my book. We had a brief chat, in which he expressed surprise that a student had bothered to come to the workshop and the talk. I told him what I was studying and he wished me luck. Andrew Motion wished me luck! I walked away grinning like a blithering idiot. Totally starstruck by the last poet laureate. 🙂

– gildius –